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Do you feel a lot of pain? Are you constantly under stress? Are you ready to use natural drug-free solutions to get rid of the pain and stress?

I’m Diana Sturm founder of The Delta Institute and a huge proponent of using natural drug-free alternatives for improving health. This doesn’t mean medical doctors are not necessary, they definitely are. But medical doctors look at the human body as a mechanical system, whereas science has moved forward to view the body from a wholistic or quantum point of view.  This means that the body is more than just a series of joints, muscles, fibers and fluids. The body includes an electrical system and an energy which extends beyond the physical body. The Delta Institute focuses on intermodal energy healing or IEH. IEH takes a wholistic point of view and works with people on the areas of the body which medical doctors do not address. The methods used are natural and drug-free, yet provide amazing relief from pain, physically and emotionally. After experiencing intermodal energy healing, people find is that instead of being mutually exclusive, energy healing works very well with the medical advice provided by their doctors.

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Pain Management

Stress depresses the body’s immune system and  is a major contributor to deteriorating physical conditions. As the stress is released from the body, the immune system has the opportunity to recover.  As a result, pain often disappears. These natural stress relief techniques can often reduce or eliminate pain, even chronic pain, quickly.  The basic techniques are easy to use and each client is shown how he or she can use them at home. This should not be used as a substitute for your medical doctor or mental health professional; but will complement all medical therapies your doctor recommends.

Release Spiritual/Emotional Conflict:

These same natural techniques can release spiritual and emotional conflict. Many people have upsetting memories and regrets from past events in their lives. This can cause great emotional conflict with spiritual and religious beliefs. People believe they have to live with the regret and pain from those memories for the rest of their lives – but they don’t! Our techniques can release the pain from those memories and release the spiritual/emotional conflict.

Veteran’s Stress Project

We specialize in helping returning soldiers and veterans. They have special needs and considerations and we take those into account when we provide assistance for them. The Delta Institute is also a participating research center with the Veteran’s Stress Project. As a veteran, you may be eligible to receive six free energy healing sessions by participating in this clinical research project.  Male or female veterans from 18 to age 99 are encouraged to apply. Learn more by visiting the main page of the  Veteran’s Stress Project or the brief description here.

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