Fear of Life

Move toward Success with EFTEvery day I come across people who have a genuine fear of life. They have opportunities presented to them and doorways open, but they never say “YES!” to life. Instead they stay in the exact same life, day in and day out; often complaining about how unfair life is. They are in a rut and don’t want to climb out.

Can these people change?? Yes!! Each moment of each day of your life, you can choose to change. It may start with something small and lead up to something big – but change IS an option for each one of us. Right now stop and take a moment to think about what you would do if some of your fears were gone. Would you go back to school? Look for a new job? Move to a new city? Ask out on a date that person you’ve been admiring? What would you do if all your fears were gone?

I want you to pick out one of those fears and we are going to tap on it. Our goal is to reduce the intensity of your fear so you can begin to move forward TODAY. First, think about a scale from zero to ten where zero means you have no fear at all and a ten means you have a maximum fear. Where do you fall on the fear you picked out? Write down that number.

We are going to start on the karate chop point:

  • Even though I have this fear of (fill in the blank), I choose to love and accept myself.
  • Even though I have this fear of (fill in the blank), I forgive myself for having this fear.
  • Even though I have this fear of (fill in the blank), I choose to accept myself unconditionally.

For each one of the tapping points, just say: fear of (fill in the blank). The tapping points include: bridge of nose, side of eye, under eye, under nose, under lower lip and collarbone. Tap at LEAST 7-10 times on each spot.

After tapping on the collarbone, take a deep breath. Think back to the fear and the intensity scale. The intensity of the fear should have dropped from the original number. In rare cases, the fear will go up. If the intensity stays the same, some other issue is blocking the movement.

Go back to the karate chop point and repeat the same phrases and tapping points but this time say “this remaining fear of (fill in the blank)” for each phrase. When you are finished with all the points, again measure your intensity.

When we face our fears, we are able to create change in our lives. Approach ALL your fears with tapping and you will feel a physical release inside of you, like a burden has been lifted from your heart. You will feel more confident and able to make choices about the opportunities being presented to you. You will create positive change in your life.

Dr. Diana Sturm, Executive Director of The Delta Institute in Mobile, Alabama, is the only Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner along the Gulf coast. She helps clients release a wide variety of negative emotions in the comforting atmosphere of her private office. She also conducts sessions via Skype and video telephone. Dr. Sturm conducts scientific studies on the effectiveness of EFT for a variety of symptoms with local medical institutions. Dr. Sturm has appeared as a featured guest speaker for various civic groups and on the radio. Dr. Sturm is a Diplomat with The Mobile Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Sturm can be reached at (251) 219-4574.

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