The Power of the Word

Many years ago, your spoken word carried great weight. When someone said they would do something, their word was all that was needed. It carried an absolute truth of what that person would or would not do. When you took someone at their word, you relied upon what was spoken to judge that person for his honesty and integrity. The value of the spoken word is less relied upon today. In our current word the written word consisting of contracts has replaced the spoken word between two people.

But what does the spoken word mean to your inner self? How important is your spoken or unspoken word to your own well being? It turns out the words you say to yourself are integral to your health or lack thereof. Many people never listen to themselves speak so they miss many of their own words. This past week one of my weight loss clients made the innocent comment that she always loses weight very slowly. What she didn’t realize was by making that statement she was confirming a vow she had made to herself: “I always lose weight slowly.” Guess what? Her body was complying quite well – she was not losing the same amount of weight as other weight loss participants.

Your subconscious mind takes orders very well and will respond to all the commands you give to it. Unfortunately, many of the commands it has received were written in our subconscious when we were children, usually age 7 and under. We tell ourselves, “I will never ____________.” Fill in the blank. Other times our subconscious receives these vows is when we are under a lot of stress. During these times, the subconscious believes that to continue to be safe it will follow whatever vow is input. For example: you may have an incident at work where a co-worker made you very angry. Out of anger, you say, “I will never work with that man ever again.” Your subconscious will take in this information and when you are to work with that person again, your will suddenly get sick or create situations to enable you not to work with that person – all through your subconscious.

These vows we make can be good at that moment in time, but often they just hold us back from other future events. If we vow never to do something, then we are vowing not to participate in any opportunities the future may hold for us. We limit our success before we even meet our future.

The Emotional Freedom Technique can enable us to release vows we have made at different points in our lives, enabling us to take advantage of opportunities presented to us today. For the lady who always lost weight slowly, we tapped on: “Even though I always lose weight very slowly, I chose to love and accept myself.” We then tell ourselves that we give permission to release the vow of always losing weight slowly.

Even if you don’t remember the vows you have spoken in the past, if your life seems stuck in a type of holding pattern for a particular circumstance or event, then there is probably a vow present. Assume the vow exists and tap it away. There is great power in your words, learn to release the words of your past and allow yourself to move forward to the opportunities contained in your future.

Dr. Diana Sturm, Executive Director of The Delta Institute in Mobile, Alabama, is the only Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner along the Gulf coast. She helps clients release a wide variety of negative emotions in the comforting atmosphere of her private office. She also conducts sessions via Skype and video telephone. Dr. Sturm conducts scientific studies on the effectiveness of EFT for a variety of symptoms with local medical institutions. Dr. Sturm has appeared as a featured guest speaker for various civic groups and on the radio. Dr. Sturm is a Diplomat with The Mobile Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Sturm can be reached at (251) 219-4574.

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