Working with ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Two years ago I received an email from a gentleman who had just been diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  He was already familiar with Meridian Tapping/EFT and he wondered if it could help his condition. I told him the only way to know was to try it out, but he never made an appointment. Periodically, he would email again and talk about having a session, but something stopped him from doing so.

Last week, he laid aside whatever apprehension he had and he came into my office for his first visit. He said he had no pain. His other symptoms were difficulty walking and getting up from a seated position; neuropathy in both his hands, and a heaviness in his legs. He said for much of his life he has experienced great anxiety and a doctor once told him that he had an “anxiety personality”. He has a low dose prescription for Lorezapan which he takes as needed.

I asked what he wanted to start with and he said he wanted to get rid of the anxiety, it was worse than any of his ALS symptoms. He had 3 major incidences in his life which were very upsetting and one which he attributed to his claustrophobia.  Two of these were as a child/youth and one was as an adult. We started with the one he had as an adult as this memory haunted him daily. Back in the 1950’s he wanted to join a men’s civic organization and do to so, they had a hazing ritual. His friend, who was already in the group, had invited him. The event did not go well and this man was extremely traumatized from the events which happened. We addressed each one, including his anger at his friend for betraying him.  We also addressed the feeling of being trapped in this ritual and not being able to get away. He felt the anger drain out of him for the first time in many years and he felt more relaxed. He said he would test the claustrophobia later when he and his wife used drive throughs at the bank or at fast food places. The session lasted about 90 minutes and he left with his wife.

Four days later, I emailed him and asked how he was feeling. He said his anxiety levels had dropped and that it didn’t bother him anymore to go use drive throughs. The next day this gentleman called. He said that day he was able to get up out of his chair with no assistance at all AND he was able to walk across the room without a walker – two activities he had not done for 2 years. He said he felt like he had a new set of legs. He asked, “Could the EFT be responsible?”

I explained to him that yes EFT could be responsible. The human body has a certain amount of energy available to run all the systems of the body. This includes managing stress from events which are viewed as negative or traumatic. If the body must manage a lot of these negative events, so a person can function normally, this uses up energy which would commonly be available to do other things; like healing other parts of the body.

When the negative stress is completely released from the body, then the body doesn’t have to use energy to manage it any more. This energy can then be re-directed to other areas where it is needed.  It appeared that in this case, the energy was re-directed to his legs allowing improvement in his walking and standing.

Over the next several months, I will continue to work with this gentleman and keep you posted on his results.

Diana Sturm, Ph.D., Executive Director of The Delta Institute in Mobile, Alabama, is a scientist, spiritual adviser and Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner. Using EFT, she helps clients release a wide variety of negative emotions in the comforting atmosphere of her private office. She also promotes healthy living using natural techniques including earthing, essential oils and meditation. She is a rising star member of Young Living.  Dr. Sturm has appeared as a featured guest speaker for various civic groups and on the radio. Call Dr. Sturm today to schedule an appointment (251) 219-4574.

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4 Responses to Working with ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Lou Gehrig’s Disease

  1. milca says:

    Dear Dr. Sturn

    Thank you very much for this post/
    i am about to meet a new patient with ALS today, and would be grateful if you continue to update this story.



    • Dr. Diana Sturm says:

      I hope to keep updating my client’s progress on this blog. So keep posted!
      Dr. Diana Sturm

  2. susie hulcher says:

    Thanks for working with dad. He is looking forward to his sessions!

    • Dr. Diana Sturm says:

      Your dad is a joy to work with. He’s very open to these sessions and I think he’s going to get good results.
      Dr. Diana Sturm