Muscle Testing?

Do you ever wonder where some of your intuition comes from? As least a portion of it comes from right inside your own body, from your subconscious mind. You’ve seen the police TV shows feature testing suspects with a lie detector test. A person is hooked up to a lie detector machine and the machine measures the changes in their energy when they speak the truth or a lie. The good news is that you don’t need a special machine to uncover your subconscious. Trained individuals can also sense a person’s energy with the use of muscle testing.

Muscle testing allows me to find trapped emotions in clients.I have completed training in muscle testing and have been using it successfully on myself and on my clients. With muscle testing I can test clients for food allergies plus I can test to see if there are problems in different areas of the body. All of the techniques I learn I first use on myself. I first checked myself for different allergies. I confirmed that soy is not my friend and I discovered that foods from the nightshade family drain my energy. Nightshades include: tomatoes, white potatoes, all peppers, eggplant, and tobacco. The key about nightshades is that they cause inflammation in people’s bodies. So discovering an allergy to them could literally get rid of pain in your body.

I next used muscle testing to find out why I was so cold all the time. Part of it was a circulation problem with my arteries. I use Cardio Protegen which contains the right dose of L’Arginine to keep my arteries working great (I’ve got a great testimonial for this product!) Once I started taking the Cardio Protegen on a regular basis, I did start to feel warmer in my hands and feet. But that wasn’t enough! I was still cold all over.

So I started checking my glands and organs. Someone, I don’t remember who, told me that the thyroid regulates your body temperature. I decided to try Thyromin from Young Living. It worked great! Within just a few days my body temperature went from under 96 degrees to 97.8 degrees right before bedtime. But what if there was something affecting my thyroid that I could release with meridian tapping? How would I know?

I decided to use muscle testing to see if I had any emotions affecting my thyroid. The answer: Yes! There were two emotions which were affecting the functioning of my thyroid. Using the muscle testing I found out what they were, then using meridian tapping I released them. I did this after I finished the single bottle of Thyromin. It is now about 6 months later and my body temperature has remained normal in the 97.8 – 98.6 range during the daytime without the use of Thyromin or any other supplements or drugs.

Results: L-Arginine in the Cardio Protegin helped greatly but I was still cold. Thyromin from Young Living also helped greatly. Releasing attached emotions solved the issue. I am still taking Cardio Protegin because it helps the blood circulation in my entire body. You can purchase Cardio Protegin at  The Thyromin is available from Young Living at: And the muscle testing is available from me, just call (251) 219-4574 to make an appointment.

Diana Sturm, Ph.D., Executive Director of The Delta Institute in Mobile, Alabama, is a scientist, spiritual adviser and Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner. Using EFT, she helps clients release a wide variety of negative emotions in the comforting atmosphere of her private office. She also promotes healthy living using natural techniques including earthing, essential oils and meditation. She is a rising star member of Young Living.  Dr. Sturm has appeared as a featured guest speaker for various civic groups and on the radio. Call Dr. Sturm today to schedule an appointment (251) 219-4574.

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