Online Tapping

Many people I speak with are busy, busy, busy and don’t always have time to come to the office for a tapping session. Plus many people have tight budgets and just can’t afford a private session right now. So I’ve come up with an option that is mindful of budgets and time: EFT Online Tapping.

At this new website,, you will be able to schedule a session via Skype for a lower cost than if you came into the office. Why am I doing this? Well, some weeks I’m very busy with appointments and other weeks are slow. And I still need to pay the rent. So to share this amazing technique with as many people as possible, I’ve added online tapping.

The price is budget friendly, only $25 per online 50 minute session.

Online tapping does require a few things: a high speed internet connection, a Skype account, a private, quiet room, and a willingness to have a session online.

Sign up today and begin to feel the release online tapping can give you!

Diana Sturm, Ph.D., Executive Director of The Delta Institute in Mobile, Alabama, is a scientist, spiritual adviser and Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner. Using EFT, she helps clients release a wide variety of negative emotions in the comforting atmosphere of her private office. She also promotes healthy living using natural techniques including earthing, essential oils and meditation. She is a rising star member of Young Living.  Dr. Sturm has appeared as a featured guest speaker for various civic groups and on the radio. Call Dr. Sturm today to schedule an appointment (251) 219-4574.

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