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Many people do not begin to comprehend how products used in the United States have become inferior – low quality and filled with chemicals. They think an apple is just an apple or a loaf of bread is just a loaf of bread. They really don’t understand the complex process of growing the plants used to make the food or in how those plants are processed.

I am an environmental geologist. This means I have studied the processes of how rocks and soils form, how water circulates through the entire Earth system and how the internal energy of the Earth affects all life on the planet. I teach classes at a local university and hope my students understand the systems and processes which make up our world.

In addition to the natural Earth systems and the wide variance from location to location of rainfall, soil structure, high and low temperatures, and available sunlight; there are also human inputs into the growth of plants. The human inputs include the genetic modification of natural seeds (this is totally different from cross-pollination which occurs both naturally and by man), the addition of chemicals – many hazardous – for the control of weeds and insects, and the alteration of the soils through poor farming practices which cause increased erosion and leaching of valuable minerals and nutrients away from the plants.

phytoremediationWhat happens to all of those chemicals which are applied to plants? The plants take those into their stems and leaves and bind those chemicals so they are inert. BUT when that same plant is harvested and eaten, those same chemicals are then taken into the person ingesting them. The chemicals then want to form new bonds inside the human. Because the chemicals were designed to kill – either other plants or insects – they begin to negatively affect the tissues the chemicals come into contact. The chemicals also begin to accumulate, just as they did inside the plant.

This is why it is so important to purchase food and products which minimizes the use of chemicals: to minimize the impact of chemicals on the human body. Buy organic whenever possible and learn about who you are buying from. Young Living does not use chemicals on their farms – and yes, they own farms. As a result, weeds grow on those farms and the only way to remove those weeds is to hand pull them. That means Young Living employs people to walk the fields to weed them. The result: a healthy product AND more people are employed. It’s a win-win situation. The consumer gets a quality, healthy product.

Of course, quality products are not free or cheap. But if I can spend an extra couple of dollars to have healthier products AND to provide jobs which puts food on the table for families, then I can feel great about the products I am purchasing. Young Living has a Seed-to-Seal Guarantee. This guarantee states they have the highest standards in the essential oil industry.

If you are ready to try Young Living products, please give me a call at (251) 219-4574 or just go directly to my website to sign up and order:


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