About Us

The Mission of The Delta Institute

The mission of The Delta Institute is to:

  • Help you Discover what is causing your pain and stress; 
  • Create Release from the inside out with the use of a variety of effective personal development techniques; and
  • Empower you with tools to continue to release stress on your own.

The Delta Institute teaches you how to reduce stress in your life to achieve desired outcomes. You may want to feel more relaxed, stop the headaches or let go of long-standing pain. You may want to let go of pain from past events: grief, fear, anger, low self esteem. Some people have even inherited stress from their parents. All of this stress is a burden on your body. Stress operates on the level of the human energy body and spiritual body; because this is completely different than standard medicine or standard therapy, we choose to call this Energy Healing.

What constitutes the Energy Healing Techniques?

The Delta Institute uses several well-studied energy techniques to accomplish personal growth for our clients. We use meridian tapping and energy kinesiology, along with meditation and life coaching. Energy kinesiology helps to identify the unconscious barriers while the meridian tapping activates the physical release to eliminate stress from the body. Meditation helps to focus the mind to live in the present moment. Life coaching helps you to set goals to move forward after releasing the pain. We also encourage our clients to develop a strong spiritual foundation.

A great amount of pain is contained in long-held negative emotions such as anger, fear, sorrow, regret or grief. You can release ALL of these emotions and feel your body relax and release the stress. Harvard University has an entire Mind Body Institute devoted to researching relaxation techniques. The focus at Harvard has been on meditation, showing how it positively affects the body down to the genetic level. Meridian tapping and meditation have been clinically proven to be effective with a success rate of 85% or more.

With this energy focus, people are able to release their pain and be open to new chapters in their lives. We work one-on-one with a client to support release of emotional and physical pain, behavior modification, and goal-setting. Most clients achieve their goals when properly guided and motivated. In our Energy Healing sessions, we are your mentors, teaching you the techniques and assisting you in the process of taking the life-improving actions necessary to take positive steps in the direction of your goals.

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