Kind Comments

Here are some of the kind comments we have received:


“As a divorced mother of three children, my life is full of stress and a lot of anxiety. Dr. Sturm introduced me to EFT and coached me through the first few sessions.  I experienced a sense of calming immediately, and after about three days of doing EFT, sometimes several times a day, I felt an enormous clarity and peace that I have not had in a long time. It was amazing!! I had no idea the calmness I now feel was possible without medication. It has made me a true believer!” — Keri D.

Sugar Cravings

“Dr. Sturm is a talented EFT counselor who helped me tremendously with a session in October and a follow up in January. The sessions have drastically reduced my sugar cravings, and given me the tools to use myself when they return. She is a warm and caring person, able to make one feel comfortable when discussing emotional issues from the past. I highly recommend EFT for addressing any addictions or emotional scars from the past.” — Lydia P.


From one client who held onto anger for years: “I was blessed and favored to hear about The Delta Institute. Like most skeptics, I said, ‘There’s no way to rid my mind of this anger. I have so many hauntingly negative memories.’ Yet after one session with Dr. Sturm, and over two years later, the negativity and anger have not returned. I now have a relaxed spirit. I am free to be happy again.” — Rose W.

Fear of Public Speaking

“I began using EFT to conquer my fear of public speaking. I was terrified to speak to more than a couple of people at a time. I am now able to speak to a group as large as 70 people. This was the first of many issues I have found help in facing and overcoming with the use of EFT.” –Olivia B.

Comments from Nationally Known Doctors about Energy Healing and the Emotional Freedom Technique:

Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz on the Oprah Winfrey show says: “We’re beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure. As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.  It’s not the mechanistic part of the joints moving. It’s not the chemistry of our body. It’s understanding for the first time how energy influences how we feel.”

Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mercola, “The most effective treatment for depression isn’t drugs…but you’ll never hear that from your psychiatrist.” May 8, 2010.

A small excerpt from: “Other Key Factors to Overcoming Depression” by Dr. Mercola: Address your stress — Depression is a very serious condition, however it is not a “disease.” Rather, it’s a sign that your body and your life are out of balance. This is so important to remember, because as soon as you start to view depression as an “illness,” you think you need to take a drug to fix it. In reality, all you need to do is return balance to your life, and one of the key ways to doing this is addressing stress. Meditation or yoga can help. Sometimes all you need to do is get outside for a walk. But in addition to that, I also recommend using a system that can help you address emotional issues that you may not even be consciously aware of. For this, my favorite is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). However, if you have depression or serious stress, I believe it would be best to consult with a mental health professional who is also an EFT practitioner to guide you.”


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