Receiving electrons from the earthHave you ever walked along the beach and felt invigorated? Or walked barefoot through the grass?  Did you know that being directly connected to the earth has health benefits?

In a study published in the Journal of Environmental Public Health in 2012, researchers found that natural electrons on the surface of the earth have a positive effect on the human body. The positive effects range from complete elimination of aches and pains to a reduction in blood viscosity which is a major factor in cardiovascular disease. View the study here.

Earthing is the application of the science where people make a specific effort to become grounded to the earth in order to receive a supply of electrons into their bodies. To do this people can walk barefoot or sit on the ground or probably the easiest way is to purchase special fitted bedsheets which are plugged into your house’s grounding system (note: your house must be grounded for these to work, contact your local electrician). These special sheets contain metallic threads, usually silver, which conduct the electrons from the ground into your body.

People in clinical studies and outside of clinical studies have reported many health benefits including: elimination of lupus symptoms, reduction in autism symptoms, elimination of irritable bowel syndrome, elimination of fibromyalgia and elimination of the need for sleep aides.

Our services:

We provide you with the basics below to get you started in Earthing. We can also assist you in setting up a system in your home which would be most beneficial for you. We can determine if your home is grounded or if you need to contact an electrician. There are also alternatives to using the home’s electrical system.

Try it out:

If you are unsure if Earthing is for you, you can schedule a session in our office to experience the effects. Most people can feel a difference within 30 minutes to one hour. One hour session: $25.

Here are the basics to get you started in Earthing. The first is a book about Earthing to give you the background on the science. Then there is a mini kit with bands where if you sit a lot you could be grounded while you are in one place. Next is a starter kit which includes a mat for the office AND a half sheet for your bed. Just take your shoes off while you are at work to get the benefits of the grounded mat. The half sheet will get you started while you sleep. A full sheet is even better since the more contact your body has with the grounded sheet, the more electrons will stream into your body and your health will improve even faster. The choice is yours!

Note: Because most people’s bodies are unbalanced when first beginning Earthing, it is advised to limit the Earthing experience to just one to two hours a day for at least a week. Much like getting too much exercise in one day, there can be side effects to overdoing it.






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