What is EFT?

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a relaxation method which combines tapping with the fingers on certain points on the body with verbal statements. The points are located on the meridians – pathways of energy – on the skin. These points are the same as those points used in acupuncture, but EFT uses tapping with fingers instead of needles. The tapping has the same effect of stimulating the energy points as does acupuncture. The verbal statements allow the individual to fully acknowledge thoughts and feelings which may have been held inside for years. The combination of the physical stimulation with the verbal statements allows the person to feel a full release.

Must I use an EFT practitioner?

No! EFT is a technique that an individual can perform at home. Just like exercise, you can perform EFT whenever you need to in order to release stress. But just like when working with an exercise teacher or trainer, your workout is more in-depth or intense; using an EFT practitioner will go deeper to release those hard to describe events or feelings. An EFT practitioner is trained how to vary the verbal statements to allow for a different perspective often releasing feelings which were not released by the individual working alone.

Is EFT difficult to do?

The tapping portion of EFT is very easy to do. Just tap on each point 3 to 10 times while making a verbal statement. While you are talking, you are tapping. Below is a diagram of the basic points:

tapping points

Tap on all of the points. After practicing and feeling a release, you will notice that certain points may be the sites where you feel the most release.

The verbal portion sometimes stumps people. They don’t know what to say. Basically, you  state your feelings: the fear, the anger, the sorrow, the betrayal, all of your negative feelings while you are tapping on the points.

How often must I do EFT?

Ideally, you should use EFT whenever you feel stressed. As you use EFT more often, you will find that your stress levels will begin to reduce. Many people make a list of upsetting events which have happened in their lives and they tap on those memories one at a time over a period of several weeks. By doing this, the feelings from those memories which are upsetting can be released from the body, thereby reducing stress held in the body.

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