Essential Oils

Have you ever relaxed just from the smell of a fresh flower?

For centuries plants have helped people in many ways. I enjoy helping people learn about how natural, organic Young Living essential oils can improve their lives by boosting their immune systems, lifting their spirits, and helping to reduce stress.

Young Living has the highest quality standards in the world for producing their products. This starts with their own farms – farms which use no herbicides or pesticides, resulting in chemical-free products. They then plant heirloom seeds which have never been genetically modified. After harvesting, the plant material is steam distilled to release the oils. The oils are gathered and bottled in dark amber glass to provide the maximum protection and freshness. The oils are then sold online through independent distributors.

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The relaxing, stress reducing effects of essential oils have been well documented over the centuries. Only naturally grown products, not lab creations, have therapeutic properties. I love Young Living’s Essential Oil products because I want to give my body only healthy ingredients.

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In addition, home cleaning products affect the body just as much as the food we ingest. So why use inferior, chemically-laden products? They may seem to be cheaper, initially, but in the long run those chemicals can be toxic to your body. Be good to your body and use natural products with the least amount of hazardous chemicals. Young Living uses all natural ingredients in all of its products. Watch the video below to learn more about Young Living. Beneath the video are just a few of the Young Living products I use around my home.

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The BEST Natural Cleaner Around: Thieves!

Have you ever looked for a safe cleaning solution? One that you could use in the kitchen, bathroom or even on your own hands? Young Living has an entire product line for cleaning all types of surfaces based upon one essential oil blend called Thieves.

First discovered centuries ago during the Middle Ages, thieves in France used a blend of natural oils to protect them from the plague when stealing from the sick and dying. Young Living has created a refreshing blend containing: clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, and rosemary.

Thieves blend has been formulated into a variety of personal care products including dental products, personal soaps and household cleaners.  The wonderful smell of Thieves will help freshen your home.

Young Living Makes More!

Young Living offers so many more products: single and blended essential oils, oils of the Bible, skin products, anti-oxidant supplements, weight loss essential oil packages, massage oil packages, vitamins and supplements, dental products, shampoos and conditioners, pet shampoos, essential oil diffusers and even high quality titanium cookware and cookbooks to create meals with the essential oils.

Whew! That’s a lot of products and they aren’t all for everyone, but everyone can use more natural organic products in their daily lives. The first step to better physical health is using natural products free of man-made chemicals.

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You can purchase Young Living as a retail customer or as a wholesale distributor/member. The wholesale distributor/member option has a minimal yearly purchase requirement of $50 and requires the one-time purchase of a starter kit. The starter kits begin at $40. This option allows you to purchase products at 24% off of the retail price and gives you the opportunity to participate in the Essential Rewards Program which gives you product credit for monthly purchases. The wholesale option also allows you the option of sharing the Young Living products with others to create your own business.

There is no requirement to join as a wholesale member/distributor and if you do want to buy wholesale there is no requirement for you to share the products with others.

To purchase products you must have a referring member. My member number is: 1327471

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