This page holds some wonderful websites to visit and a few freebies for you to download.

The Tapping Solution-World Event F.R.E.E.!EFT Visit the “About EFT” page and you can download a free manual. Lots of information on this site. The website contents were originally developed by the founder of the Emotional Freedom Technique, Gary Craig, but since his retirement is now run by the Energy Psychology Press.

Tapping International: This group holds an annual Tapping Summit and they developed the Introductory movie: The Tapping Solution. The Tapping Summit occurs each spring and offers a series of online guest speakers on a wide variety of topics. The movie is a wonderful way to introduce people to meridian tapping. Click the picture and you will go to the site for ordering.

Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques(AAMET): This worldwide association promotes and advances the field of energy healing through meridian tapping including EFT. Unlike other private organizations, this organization is composed entirely of volunteers and is truly a membership organization. They hold wonderful trainings and conferences. Visit their website.

The Law of Attraction: The Global Sciences Foundation helps train practitioners in the Law of Attraction and how to apply it with their clients. Visit their website.

Other Health & Nutrition

The Vitamin D Council shares important information on how most people are deficient in D; contributing to a variety of issues including: depression, autism, cancer and mental illness. Proper levels of vitamin D also help with osteoporosis, heart disease, hypertension, influenza, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue and chronic pain. Learn about how getting the right amount can help your health.

The National Institutes of Health is the primary Federal agency for conducting and supporting medial research. Comprised of 27 Institutes and Centers, the NIH provides leadership and financial support to researchers in every state. This site also contains consumer information on a wide variety of medical topics.

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