Note to self: Live life as if you matter!The Delta Institute wants to help people release stress from their lives – quickly and naturally. These services are the result of laboratory and clinical testing by recognized universities, organizations and government agencies and have been found to be effective for their specified purposes. Our services include:

  • The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – Diana Sturm is the only certified practitioner along the northern Gulf Coast. EFT releases stress from the energy body often resulting in reduced pain in the physical and emotional body.
  • Therapeutic Essential Oils -Used for thousands of years, pure, therapeutic grade essential oils are used for emotional and physical issues.
  • Earthing – Reconnecting with the earth helps to release free radicals from the body. This can release many physical issues.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):

Our specialty is helping people release energy from traumatic events. Pent up energy can be stored in the body from events happening years ago. Diana Sturm helps clients to first acknowledge and honor their feelings. After this first step, the trapped energy can be released. Clients often report feeling completely at peace as if the world was lifted from their shoulders.

EFT is a relaxation technique which can be done with a certified practitioner or can be done by the client. Similar to exercise, yoga, or meditation, sessions with a certified practitioner are often deeper and offer a fuller release than when done alone by the client. Clients are encouraged to utilize EFT on their own between sessions.

How does EFT work? The human body has a subtle energy system composed of pathways of energy flow. For over 4,000 years, Eastern medicine has been successfully based on balancing the flow of this energy system. EFT works with this subtle energy system using a combination of verbal statements along with tapping on energy points.

Private EFT Sessions: Private sessions help an individual work on specific issues from blocked energy the client wants to address. Examples of issues arising from blocked energy include: long-held anger, irrational fears, a sense of loss from the ending of a relationship, a death, a move, or a change in career. Assistance has also been provided to individuals with trapped energy from recent events as well as events which happened in the distant past which the individual has been unable to release. Most clients feel a change in just one session.

Group EFT Tapping Sessions: It has been found that participants of group sessions “borrow benefits” from participation in the group. So while one person works on an issue everyone in the group benefits from participating in the session.

Group sessions are listed on the page. Group sessions are $10 per person per session with a maximum of 6 people per session.

Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils:

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and were commonly used in homes as recently as the early 1900s. During World War II the chemical industry developed and was viewed as “modern” while essential oils were viewed as “old-fashioned”. Many people are now finding that those old-fashioned essential oils provide benefits not found in modern chemical remedies. But knowledge on how to use them has been forgotten. There are thousands of scientific studies describing the benefits of using essential oils but often these reports can be overwhelming to read. Each month two classes are offered to introduce and teach people more about how therapeutic grade essential oils can be beneficial. The first class is a basic introduction to essential oils and the Young Living company. The second class discusses a wide variety of natural health options including more specifics on using essential oils. Just visit to see if a class fits your schedule.

Interested in learning more about Young Living products?

Give me a call at (251) 219-4574 or email me at info at deltainstitute. net


Clinical studies are showing the importance of being physically connected to the earth. Yet our lifestyles prevent this. We can perform an on-site systems check and create a grounding system for your home so you can get reconnected and receive maximum health benefits.

Special talks: From time to time, special talks will be scheduled on the page to inform the community about new methods of reducing stress and living a healthier life.  Sign up today and you will be automatically notified of upcoming talks.

Information about EFT sessions

Discovery Session: Complementary discovery sessions are available to determine if services from The Delta Institute are right for you. These sessions last approximately 30 minutes and are available to answer all of your questions about our services. Call (251) 219-4574 to make an appointment for your free discovery session today.

Individual Sessions: Many clients use sessions to address individual issues, to release a series of issues causing stress or just to explore how our services can work for them. Please note the cancellation policy at the bottom of the page.

Length of an individual session: Each private session will run 90 minutes. The time begins at your scheduled appointment time.

How you will feel: The process of release is different for each individual. This means that some people may become very energized while others become very relaxed and sleepy.

First session: If you have not had a Discovery Session, then please allow time for an initial interview during the first session. Pain and stress can come from a variety of things including food allergies, physical issues and emotional issues. You may benefit from one or a combination of our services. Each person is unique and time is allowed to listen to your needs.

Please call (251) 219-4574 if you have additional questions or to make an appointment.



Cancellation policy: All appointments canceled less than 24 hours of the appointed time will be charged the full session amount. Your appointment is your reserved block of time. This applies to all sessions. You may allow another person to use your appointment time or donate it to someone unable to pay. A credit card is required at the time the appointment is set. For sessions canceled less than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment; your card will be processed through PayPal under “The Delta Institute” for the block of time you reserved.

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