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EFT hits mainstream

The Huffington Post recently reported about how the emotional freedom technique (EFT) is being accepted into mainstream counseling professional publications. As more and more clinical evidence grows showing how well EFT works, mainstream counseling professions are recognizing how valuable EFT … Continue reading

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Online Tapping

Many people I speak with are busy, busy, busy and don’t always have time to come to the office for a tapping session. Plus many people have tight budgets and just can’t afford a private session right now. So I’ve … Continue reading

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More on Earthing

Earthing is an important concept which has been proven by clinical studies. In this presentation, an experiment is shown about how earthing can affect sunflowers. For products which can help YOU become grounded, visit our Earthing page: http://deltainstitute.net/index.php/earthing/ Diana Sturm, … Continue reading

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